Projeto Cereja

Trabalho voluntário junto a equipe de Mastologia – Universidade Federal de São Paulo – UNIFESP

Escola Paulista de Medicina

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Title: The Cerise Project – a positive impact on patients breast cancer

Authors: Simone Elias, Viviane Gabriella Batista, Gil Facina, Ricardo Pinto, Vanessa C. Resende, Vanessa M. Sanvido, Miguel Sabino, Afonso C.P. Nazário

Institution: Federal University of São Paulo / Paulista School of Medicine

cancer de mama

Objectives: Reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex (NAC) is one of the last steps in rehabilitating pacientes following mastectomy, which closely resembles the original. Multiple surgical techniques, of varying complexity and usefulness, are available for NAC reconstruction. The main criterion for success NAC reconstruction is symmetry of position, size, color, and projection. Recently, the patients of our breast cancer outcome clinic also have this resource to complement the breast reconstruction. It is called “The Cerise Project” which also aims teaching of medical residents to spread the art. Methodology: After appropriate post-operative period (6-10 weeks), the patient is referred for evaluation. If necessary, a physician performs the reconstruction of the nipple through the techniques of “CV flap” or “double opposing tab”. Postoperative care should be strict because these patients have comorbidities. The occluded area should be maintained at least for 48 hours and should be used healing. Later, a specialized professional in paramedical micropigmentation performs areola’s tattoo. This sequence allows minimize the scars of reconstruction. Results: The combined surgical reconstruction technique of the nipple and areola pigmentation allows very satisfactory results. These are safe and effective techniques for restoration of the NAC, following breast reconstruction and has a positive impact on patient well-being and body image. Conclusion: Reconstruction of the nipple-areola complex using a minimal surgical procedure and pigmentation is a simple process, low cost and its low rate of complications. This step represents “icing on the cake” to the patients.

Key words: breast neoplasms, breast reconstruction, tattooing



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